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Eat the Runt by Avery Crozier
directed by Tom Beyer

Eat or be Eaten . . . you decide. EAT THE RUNT by Avery Crozier turns a satirical eye on office politics, the art of a job interview, sexual harassment, religious persuasions, political correctness, and societal and cultural norms – no area of life or love is safe from Avery Crozier’s biting but sweet wit.

Theatre of NOTE’s Los Angeles premiere of EAT THE RUNT, directed by Tom Beyer, throws eight actors into the roles of their lives -- they just don’t know which role, till the audience decides it for them at each performance. This truly blind casting gives a whole new meaning to ‘perception’ in this hilarious play about identity, status and fighting one’s way up the corporate ladder. The various positions of power that the characters in EAT THE RUNT hold, will be turned on their respective ears each night, as the actors forge their own uniquely and quirky interpretations in any one of the 40,320 possible casting combinations that could confront them. Which actor plays which role in this truly comically original piece of theatre? The audience decides their fate at every performance.

When: August 10th -September 9th

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday @ 8pm

Admission: $22.00 (Seniors, Students: $18.00)

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Where: Theatre of NOTE
1517 N. Cahuenga (just north of Sunset) Hollywood, CA

By Phone (subject to availability): 323.856.8611


Raves for Eat the Runt

"If 'Saturday Night Live' made an industrial video on hiring practices, it might look a lot like “Eat the Runt,” Avery Crozier’s breezy satire on how to land a job and a joke . . ."
-- Charlotte Stoudt, Los Angeles Times

". . .the laugh-out-loud comedy that Eat the Runt is . . .a truly unparalleled theatrical experience . . . Word-of-mouth is going to make Eat the runt a sell-out hit."
--Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA.com

One of the most innovative, funny, wildly creative, ingenious, and theatrically challenging staged concepts I’ve ever seen!
--Pat Taylor, The Tolucan Times"

“ …scenes that are brilliant set pieces of—alternately—satire and comic flights of fancy. …It’s surreal, it’s treacherous, and it’s sweet…

…Avery Crozier, the astonishing young playwright who created EAT THE RUNT, is toying with ideas of perception, political correctness, and societal and cultural norms throughout this play, and always on multiple levels.

…it’s smart, sassy, funny, and devastatingly original.” Martin Denton, nytheatre.com

“…clever comedy centered on a job applicant’s bizarre series of interviews at an art museum… …the script contains…wit, intelligence, and twists….”
Robert Dominguez, Daily News

“…a clever and inventive script…a dazzling new work that captures the very essence of theater.”
Barbara & Scott Siegel, theatremania.com


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Which actor plays which role?

MERRITT - an interviewee, CHRIS - a grantwriter, JEAN - human resources coordinator, ROYCE - a director of development, HOLLIS - a curator of modern art, SIDNEY -- trustee, PINKY -- museum director

Their fate is in YOUR hands. . .

Joshua Wolfe Coleman

Krista Conti

Dawn Greenidge (Ensemble)

Lauren Letherer

Justin Okin
Darrett Sanders

Joel Scher

Terence McFadden
(Set Designer)

Matt Richter
(Lighting Designer)

Avery Crozier
Lisa Clifton (Alternate)
Cat Davis

Tom Beyer

Kimberly Freed

Ryan Brodkin (Sound)

Stacy Benjamin (Stage Manager)

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Theatre of NOTE, 1517 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028 Phone Reservations: 323.856.8611