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NOTE was thrilled to participate as a venue in this year's
1st Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival
June 17-27, 2010.

What an incredible event the Hollywood Fringe Festival was! Congratulations to all the winners of the festival...our very own venue’s artists in bold...PHEW!

Top of the Fringe Award

Fringe First Award (world premiere)
The Birthday Boys

Fringe International Award
BURTON (extended July 1-3)

Fringe Award for Theatre

Fringe Award for Comedy
The British Invasion

Fringe Award for Musicals & Operas
Rehab! The Musical

Fringe Award for Music
The Poxy Boggards

Fringe Award for Cabaret/Circus
FreakShow Deluxe

Fringe Award for Dance & Physical Theatre
4 Clowns

Fringe Award for Visual Art
Gavin Worth Art Exhibit

If you would like to see the schedule for the entire festival
please go to the Hollywood Fringe Festival Wesbite at

Back to Babylon: 6/18 10:15pm, 6/19 1:45pm, 6/23 8:15pm, 6/25 6pm, 6/26 11:45am

Brownsville Bred: 6/18 6pm, 6/19 11:45am, 6/20 8:15pm, 6/23 6pm, 6/26 2:15pm, 6/27 12pm

Burton: 6/19 8:15pm, 6/20 4:00pm, 6/24 6:00pm -

Eco-Friendly Jihad: 6/17 10:00pm, 6/19 6:00pm, 6/21 8:00pm, 6/23 10:30pm, 6/26 8:15pm

Love Has No Gender: 6/19 10:00am

6/20 12:00pm

The Most Dangerous Woman in America:
6/17 8:00pm, 6/19 4:15pm, 6/21 10:00pm, 6/22 6:00pm

NOTE Cafe: 6/21 10:00am-3:30pm, 6/22 10:00am-3:30pm, 6/23 10:00am-3:30pm, 6/25 10:00am-3:30pm

(FREE) NOTE Panel Discussions: 6/21 3:30pm-5:00pm, 6/22 3:30pm-5:00pm, 6/23 3:30pm-5:00pm, 6/24 3:30pm-5:00pm

The Packer: 6/18 8:00pm, 6/20 6:30pm, 6/22 8:00pm, 6/24 10:00pm, 6/26 6:30pm, 6/27 2:00pm

Rehab!: 6/19 12:30am, 6/22 10:00pm, 6/25 12:30am

Ten West: 6/24 8:15pm,6/25 10:30pm, 6/26 10:15pm, 6/27 6:15pm

T-O-T-A-L-L-Y: 6/17 6:00pm, 6/18 12:30am, 6/19 10:30pm, 6/20 2:00pm, 6/21 6:00pm, 6/25 8:30pm, 6/26 4:15pm, 6/27 4:15pm

Vent: 6/20 10:30 pm, 6/26 Midnight

(FREE) Wordspace, The Daily Writing Hour: 6/21 2:00pm, 6/22 2:00pm, 6/232:00pm, 6/24 2:00pm, 6/25 2:00pm


Back to Babylon

Brownsville Bred


Eco-Friendly Jihad


The Most Dangerous Woman in America

NOTE Panel Discussions
FREE to Attend
Click on the name of the show for details.

Love Has No Gender

The Packer


Ten West



Wordspace, The Daily Writing Hour
FREE Workshop

NOTE VENUE SCHEDULE - click for a printable schedule (pdf)


Thursday, 6/17:
6:00pm: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y
8:00pm: The Most Dangerous Woman in America
10:00pm: Eco-Friendly Jihad

Friday, 6/18:
6:00pm: Brownsville Bred
8:00pm: The Packer
10:15pm: Back to Babylon
12:30am: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y

Saturday, 6/19:
10:00am: Love Has No Gender
11:45am: Brownsville
1:45pm: Back to Babylon
4:15pm: The Most Dangerous Woman in America
6:00pm: Eco-Friendly Jihad
8:15pm: Burton
10:30pm: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y
12:30am: Rehab!

Sunday, 6/20:
12:00pm: Mess
2:00pm: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y
4:00pm: Burton
6:30pm: The Packer
8:15pm: Brownsville Bred
10:30pm: Vent/YourPuny Weapons Cannot Hurt Me!

Monday, 6/21:
10:00am: NOTE cafe
2:00pm: FREE Workshop: Wordspace, The Daily Writing Hour
4:00pm: FREE Panel Discussion: Representing Reality, Diversity on Stage
6:00pm: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y
8:00pm: Eco-friendly Jihad
10:00pm: The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Tuesday, 6/22:
10:00am: NOTE cafe
2:00pm: FREE Workshop: Wordspace, The Daily Writing Hour
4:00pm: FREE Panel Discussion: Beyond the Black Box - The Journey of Playwrights & Producers
6:00pm: The Most Dangerous Woman in America
8:00pm: The Packer
10:00pm: Rehab!


Wednesday, 6/23
10:00am: NOTE cafe
2:00pm: FREE Workshop: Wordspace, The Daily Writing Hour
4:00pm: FREE Panel Discussion: Find Your Funding
6:00pm: Brownsville Bred
8:15pm: Back to Babylon
10:30pm: Eco-Friendly Jihad

Thursday, 6/24:
10:00am: NOTE cafe
2:00pm: FREE Workshop: Wordspace, The Daily Writing Hour
4:00pm: FREE Panel Discussion: Taking the Leap: Stage to TV/Film/Digital Media
6:00pm: Burton
815pm: Ten West
10:00pm: The Packer

Friday, 6/25:
10:00am: NOTE cafe
2:00pm: FREE Workshop: Wordspace, The Daily Writing Hour
6:00pm: Back to Babylon
8:30pm: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y
10:30pm: Ten West
12:30am: Rehab!

Saturday, 6/26:
1145am: Back to Babylon
2:15pm: Brownsville Bred
4:15pm: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y
6:30pm: The Packer
8:15pm: Eco-Friendly Jihad
10:15pm: Ten West
12:00am: Vent/Your Puny Weapons Cannot Hurt Me!

Sunday, 6/27:
12:00pm: Brownsville Bred
2:00pm: The Packer
4:15pm: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y
6:15pm: Ten West

Fringe Shows at the Theatre of NOTE Venue
External Links


Back to Babylon is a one-man show that tells a compelling story based on writer/performer Gregg Tome's personal experiences growing up in Babylon, Long Island. Through uncanny portrayals of nine characters, the tale of a close-knit circle of townies, friends and mentors is told. The plot unfolds as a local resident, on the eve of his ten-year high school reunion, reminisces about his friends from the past, who struggled to define themselves within a haze of youthful revelry. Each character delivers a dually humorous and poignant monologue revealing another piece of the narrative, ultimately exposing a disaster that will define them all. With an edgy story line, 70's rock music, and imagery from the town itself, the audience is taken on a trip down suburban memory lane to discover the permanent connections between the characters, ancient Babylon and Babylon, Long Island, while also learning that the past is always present in our lives.


@ Fringe Site


A Latina's Coming of Age Story- BROWNSVILLE BRED , is Elaine Del Valle's true story about growing up in, out of, and from NYC ghetto life. CRIME , DRUGS & POVERTY MIX WITH THE JOYS OF FAMILY , HOPE , SALSA & THE BIRTH OF RAP .

This autobiographical dramatic comedy has won back to back NYC Festivals and currently plays to Sold Out crowds at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Developed in the legendary Wynn Handman Studios. Named “Powerful” Top Pick by the NY DAILY NEWS for two consecutive weeks.

“An uplifting journey guaranteed to make you laugh through your tears!”

The Santa Monica Mirror calls it “Elaine Del Valle's hilarious and ultimately moving BROWNSVILLE BRED .”



“A Masterful performance” British Theatre guide

BURTON vividly presents the life of the great Welsh actor in his own words from humble beginnings to Hollywood mega-stardom. Beautiful women (not least Liz Taylor), alcohol, wealth, stage and screen are the threads woven into this sad, happy, exuberant often hilarious one-man show. Drink was the only real anodyne to his deteriorating health and mental state, his doomed tempestuous relationship with Taylor and his constant guilt over the abandonment of his family.
RHODRI MILES ,(Eastern Promises, Torchwood, Holby City) takes on the role of the younger BURTON fresh from a successful run to critical acclaim at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival which received glorious 4/5 star reviews.

Written by: Gwynne Edwards
Directed by: Hugh Thomas

“Fantastic, the whole audience was in the palm of his hand from beginning to end” 5 stars-Edinburgh Guide
“Charming, Elegant one-man show which struggles to remove itself from the memory” 4 stars-The Scotsman


Maybe we could reduce carbon emissions by joining Al Qaeda. Who else can save the planet from airlines, oil companies and overpopulation?

Al Qaeda is a non-profit, grassroots organisation which advocates returning to a low-carbon (seventh century) lifestyle.

While the US Army flies bombs halfway around the world, Al Qaeda walks them to their targets. And it sources all its fighters locally. Plus, suicide bombers are a lot more biodegradable.

Sold Out: Galway Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Fully improved and updated for 2010. Al Gore meets Al Qaeda in this explosive comedy about inconvenient truth and saving the planet, from the writer/performer of international hit ‘Jesus: The Guantanamo Years'.

“A brave, creative man"
- The Boston Globe

“Top Festival comedy”
– The Nationalist

“One of Ireland's most thought-provoking comedians."
- Galway Tribune


Love Has No Gender is an original play completely conceived, written, and performed by at-risk youth in Pacoima, CA as a part of the City of L.A.'s Gang Reduction Youth Development ( GRYD ) program.

Love Has No Gender follows the story of Pamela and Claryssa, two girlfriends who are facing adversity together. Pamela struggles to gain her parents' acceptance of her relationship with Claryssa, who is also coping with her mother's impending unemployment and immigration woes. Pamela and Claryssa learn through openness and honesty that it's possible for a community to grow stronger together.

Born out of the ashes of the 1992 L.A. Riots, The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company has grown into an award winning, model mentoring program using theatre arts to reach youth in underserved and at-risk environments, including kids in foster care, violence-plagued neighborhoods, gangs and juvenile corrections facilities. The Unusual Suspects offers two consecutive 10-week (60-80 hours) playwriting and performance workshops where youth develop self-esteem, tolerance, and the communication and coping skills needed to make positive life choices.


@ Fringe Site


produced by violet smear creations inc., 60 minutes, ages 18+

a world premiere
A weird, mostly happy exploration on being a mess.
Starring Kirsten Vangness (Garcia on "Criminal Minds")


The most dangerous woman in America was a little old lady, age 83, called so by a prosecuting attorney in 1913. Her name was Mother Mary Harris Jones. Her children were the working men, women and children of America and she was fighting for their right to organize into labor unions. In THE MOST DANGEROUS WOMAN IN AMERICA , written by northwest playwright David Christie, the battle is laid out between those workers of America and the giants of the Industrial Age, and the American Dream is set in motion. In this one-woman show,starring Therese Diekhans, you will meet characters as diverse as John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Louis Tikas, a Greek-American miner and martyr of the Ludlow massacre in Colorado, Dennis McKee, a 10 year old breaker boy in the coal mines of Pennsylvania and an Alabaman senator. The scene is early 20th century, but the struggle resonates today in the early part of the 21st. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

(FREE to attend)

Theatre of NOTE opens its doors to all festival participants and guests as a place to kick back, relax, network, play and meet each other Monday, June 17 – through Friday, June 25th from 10a – 5pm. ALL WORKSHOPS AND PANEL DISCUSSIONS ARE

Workshop Happy Hour at Theatre of NOTE*

June 21-24, 2010, 3:30-5:00pm

Monday June 21, 2010 - Representing Reality, Diversity on Stage

What is diversity and what does it mean on our stage? Is it a social message? Is it art imitating life? Is it an educational tool? Enjoy this thought-provoking discussion with local theatre professionals and see what the message is that we make on our stage and how it affects various artistic communities. Go to www.theatreofnote.com for an updated list of panelists slated for this workshop.

Tuesday June 22, 2010 – Beyond the Black Box - The Journey of Playwrights & Producers

Are you a recent graduate, an aspiring writer or producer, been working in the theatre, or simply trying to find new avenues for your work? This panel explores the perspectives of LA theatre artists and producers who take their work beyond 99-seat theatre to other theatrical communities, as well as to film, web and TV. Meet playwrights and producers at various levels and hear them discuss the successes, trials and tribulations of taking their material to next level. Go to www.theatreofnote.com for an updated list of panelists slated for this workshop.

Wednesday June 23, 2010 - Find Your Funding

Where's the money? With the state of the economy and increading cuts for arts funding, where can you find the money you need to produce the work you want? Find out firsthand from different governmental, city-wide, and private funding resources about what you can do and where you can look to become a more effective fundraiser. Go to www.theatreofnote.com for an updated list of panelists slated for this workshop.

Thursday June 24, 2010 - Taking the Leap: Stage to TV/Film/Digital Media

One dream of the Los Angeles artist is having the flexibility to work both stage and screen. Chat with local artists who made the transition and learn what their journey was to get there. Go to www.theatreofnote.com for an updated list of panelists slated for this workshop.


Print the Flyer and Help
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(Click here for full bios)

Monday, June 21
Representing Reality,
Diversity on Stage

Joseph Stern, Producer
Jeff Liu, Literary Manager
Diane Rodriguez, Director
Jon Lawrence Rivera, Director
Dianna Fuemana, Producer/Performer
Click for panelist bios

Tuesday, June 22 -
Beyond the Black Box - The Journey of Playwrights & Producers

Jake Broder, Playwright
Sarabeth Shedeed, Louis & Keeley
Joshua Fardon, Playwright
Kiff Scholl, Playwright/Actor
Dianna Fuemana, Producer
Lina Patel, Playwright/Actor
VJ Foster, Assoc. Artistic Director, The Actor's Gang
Click for panelist bios

Wednesday, June 23
Finding Your Funding

Kim Zanti, Consultant
Sherlan Abesamis, Grants Associate @ Department of Cultural Affairs
John Money, Producer
Click for panelist bios

Thursday, June 24
Taking the Leap: Stage to TV/Film/Digital Media

Seamus Dever, Actor
Kirsten Vangsness, Actor
Jame Eckhouse, Actor/Director
John Billingsley, Actor
Bonita Fredericy, Actor
Click for panelist bios


After sell out seasons in New Zealand, Australia and the Edinburgh Fringe, it's L.A's turn to be captivated by the critically acclaimed New Zealand play The Packer.

Award-winning Pacific playwright Dianna Fuemana's story about Shane, a white trash westie, takes place over a dramatic 24 hours in his suburban life, a roller coaster ride with 8 different characters, including his gin-addled Australian mother Joyce, wannabe wigger mate Brad, needy ex-girlfriend Charlene and the beautiful Niuean Island girl, Pina. This night will change Shane forever.

Set in the West of New Zealand's largest city, The Packer trancends location and showcases the contemporary world where cultures blend, racial intolerance comes to the forefront, insecurities are exploited and the family ties that bind us often cause the greatest destruction.

Full of twists and turns, queers and queens, westies and wannabes, this show returns theatre to what it was always meant to be. Refreshing, stimulating, innovative and captivating. A dynamic script, thrilling solo performance and tight direction combine to make The Packer one of the must-see show's in the Hollywood Fringe!

“An absolute knockout of a show…
Sharp, frenetic and jaw-achingly funny”
-The Melbourne Times, Australia

“Virtuoso Performance”
-The List, Edinburgh Fringe

“In the hands of the astonishingly diverse Jay Ryan,
this is one of the best nights in theatre”
-Sydney Arts Journo



A brand spanking NEW (and original) dark musical Dramedy
In the vein of Three penny Opera meets Moulin Rouge,…
We follow Billy and Michele, the former a drug-addicted stock broker, the latter a drug addicted whore, as they reach their bottoms, go to rehab and sing their way to sobriety, coming out on the other side as cleaner, more hopeful people. Yahoo!

On the way, they encounter a variety of individuals who help – and hinder – them in their quest for a better life.

This in an original play created by Montrealer
Patrick Gelinas,who found a lot of his inspriation while working for Cirque du Soleil for 5 years( he argues this job actually sent him into Rehab. " Write what you know!" he exclaims.)and written and composed by Patrick and Montreal co-hort and band meistera Bones Malones.

Also from Montreal…Helene Udy directs. Best known in the role of Myra on Dr. Quinn Medicine woman, she turns to her early years as a member of “the Actors Gang” and her fascination with Comedia , Clowning & Acrobatics , to powerfully influence her Directorial vision.


TEN WEST is the comedy duo of Stephen Simon and Jon Monastero under the
direction of Bryan Coffee. Their signature blend of physical virtuosity and inventive comedy, joined with poignant writing, broad audience appeal, and a unique theatrical style inspired by vaudeville, commedia and clowning, has made them critical and audience favorites everywhere.

They are pleased to be performing their two-man silent comedy, The Understudies for the first ever Hollywood Fringe Festival!

An L.A. Weekly “GO!” pick:
“The two-man clown show is a wacky Dadaist trip…. all very goofy, giddy, funny and executed with infectious charm.”

Backstage West Critic's Pick:
“…inspired lunatics…absurd practical jokes, wild improvisations, comic deceptions and farcical battles of will…highly endearing…performed with flair and terrific, Saroyanesque charm.”



In this powerful one hour theater piece, Kimleigh Smith takes the audience through a journey that is totally uplifting, totally heartbreaking, and totally powerful.
T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! is the ultimate cheer. It will have you howling in your seats in hysteria and clutching your heart. Kimleigh inspires audiences through her hilarious and honest story to embrace their inner superheroes and find the strength to move forward no matter what. The cheer “That's Okay, That's Allright…get back up and Fight, Fight, Fight!” has an entirely different meaning once you see T-O-T-A-L-L-Y.
The audience witnesses the young cheerleader transforming into a powerful woman who reclaims her sexuality and lives as a whole, healthy, woman who cheers for life!

“T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! is one of the most impressive performances I have ever seen and is the only one that has gained my attention so much that I have put many of my own projects on hold to promote it. T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! is a must see! You cannot miss this.” ~ Angela Shelton

Angela Shelton is a mulit-award winning filmmaker and actist. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, 48 Hours Investigates, NPR and Lifetime Television for Women, as well as the cover of the New York Times raising awareness around the issues of child abuse and domestic violence.


Theatre of NOTE presents “Vent” written and performed by ensemble member Karl Herlinger. Inappropriate ventriloquism at its filthy best, Karl asks us to “show me on the puppet where he touched you…” And then proceeds to show us more than we might want to know. Dirty fun not for the faint of heart. “Vent” is presented in tandem with a 10-minute Olio presentation culled from one of the NOTE's irreverent pieces from their late night 10-minute play series “Your Puny Weapons Can't Hurt Me”.
@ Fringe Site


(FREE to attend)

Write the Fringe Hour: With all the theatre and conversations, we know you have some new ideas that are itching to travel from your brain down to your pen (or the keyboard…). Each day a W o r d s p a c e instructor will be on hand to run a short workshop, offer writing advice, and collect your contributions (virtual and written) about the fringe. Share your new ideas for work or your reflections on the festival - or experiment with the daily wordspace prompts online or at the café. Don’t let the festival go by without sharing your thoughts. Next year’s pieces may start here…


Brenda Varda
Leon Martell

(Click here for Writing Hour details)

Theatre of NOTE, 1517 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028 Phone Reservations: 323.856.8611