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June 16-26, 2011


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Panel Discussions and Workshops
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Monday 6/20
1pm Workshop - Wordspace Writing Hour
3pm Panel Discussion - Tech/Designer's Forum

Tuesday 6/21
1pm Workshop - Musical Improv with Aaron and Scott
3pm Panel Discussion - Normalizing Diversity

Wednesday 6/22
1pm Workshop - The Physicality of Acting with Stephanie Nash
3pm Panel Discussion - Developing Your Next Project

Thursday 6/23
1pm Workshop - ComedySportz (Improv)
3pm Panel Discussion - Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling

If you would like to see the schedule for the entire festival please go to the Hollywood Fringe Festival website at

Opens Thursday 6/16

Be Careful!The Sharks Will Eat You!
Beneath Rippling Water
Em O'Loughlin Was a Big Fatty Boombah
Fear Factor: Canine Edition

Freakshow Deluxe

Marathon Redux


Pay-What-You-Can Events:



Mommy With a Penis

The Next Best Thing

Sex Life of Archilles

Steal Away

Ten West Ineffable

Encore Presentation:
OUR CALENDAR -- Week 1 -- 6/16-6/19
Wednesday 6/15







Steal Away

12 Noon
          Fear Factor: Canine Edition Em O'Loughlin Was a Big Fatty Boombah


Mommy With a Penis Steal Away
          Em O'Loughlin Was a Big Fatty Boombah


      Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You! The Next Best Thing Beneath Rippling Water Mommy With a Penis
      Em O'Loughlin Was a Big Fatty Boombah Ten West Ineffable Sex Life of Archilles Mess
      Mommy With a Penis Fear Factor: Canine Edition Ten West Ineffable Freakshow Deluxe
12 Midnight
        Em O'Loughlin Was a Big Fatty Boombah Marathon Redux  
OUR CALENDAR -- Week 2 -- 6/20-6/26
Wednesday 6/22


          Steal Away  
12 Noon
          Sex Life of Archilles Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!
PWYC - Workshop: Wordspace Writing Hour PWYC - Workshop: Musical Improv with Aaron and Scott PWYC - Workshop: The Physicality of Acting with Stephanie Nash PWYC - Workshop: ComedySportz      


Beneath Rippling Water Steal Away
PWYC - Panel Discussion: The Technical Designer's Forum PWYC - Panel Discussion: Normalizing Diversity PWYC - Panel Discussion: Developing Your Next Project PWYC - Panel Discussion: Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling      
            Sex Life of Archilles

Freakshow Deluxe

Sex Life of Archilles   Special Presentation - T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! Special Presentation - T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! The Next Best Thing
Beneath Rippling Water Mommy With a Penis The Next Best Thing Fear Factor: Canine Edition

Ten West Ineffable

Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!  
Fear Factor: Canine Edition Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You! Marathon Redux
The Next Best Thing Beneath Rippling Water Ten West Ineffable  
12 Midnight
        Freakshow Deluxe Marathon Redux  

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Fringe Shows at the Theatre of NOTE Venue
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“Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!” is an intimate solo journey crafted from my life as a Cuban-American that interweaves family history- including text rendered from a recording done of my father, Humberto Alvarez before he passed, with the history of my island- my warm, sultry , sexy island and my understanding of where she resides in my heart and soul.

@ Fringe Site


In this compelling, hilarious, disturbing trilogy about navigating the maze of secrets, life and love, Walker narrates and performs 15 characters; male and female, young and old, wise and simple utilizing drama, comedy, song, dance, poetry and spoken word. Beneath Rippling Water is a completely unrestricted immersion into three tantalizing tales; journeys in, through and out of love; 4 intriguing women and those who inhabit their worlds; a secret peek into the hidden mysteries that lurk beneath the surface of their lives…the “stuff” churning beneath the façade.


Seriously. True. No bullsh#t. Em was an elephant, then she lost 187 pounds. The thing is…elephants never forget.

“This is the story of how I made my ass look smaller simply by pulling my head out of it,” says Em.

When it comes to the Obesity Crisis, taking two Krispy Kremes and lying down is not the answer. National Raw Comedy Winner (2001) Em O'Loughlin used to weigh more than two blokes! Then she lost a whole bloke…and she didn't even get divorced. Join Em on a brave and funny gut-busting journey that lifts the lid on being a fatso, licks it clean and chucks it in the bin.


“Fear Factor: Canine Edition” is about the peculiar and misguided true adventures of a man and his very trusting, very forgiving, service dog.

“Irreversibly moved.” “Riveting!”

@ Fringe Site


FreakShow Deluxe presents HARD WAY TO MAKE AN EASY LIVING!

A new show by the FreakShow Deluxe, Hollywood's own & ONLY carnival-style sideshow – winner of the 2010 Hollywood Fringe Festival's Best Cabaret/Circus Award!

A slice of a 16-year Hollywood tradition. Theatre of NOTE's Performance Marathon is an all-day-all-night extravaganza of eclectic performances, including comedy, pancake juggling, poetry, chin puppets, fire-eating, hula dancing, music, magic, monologues and more. Get a piece of the excitement at the Marathon Redux.
@ Fringe Site


A weird, mostly happy exploration on being a mess.
Starring Kirsten Vangsness (Garcia on "Criminal Minds").

Produced by violet smear creations inc., 60 minutes, ages 18+


Hutchins Foster's comedic sixty minute show is about a gay man's harrowing journey into motherhood. Based on his award winning blog of the same name, Mommy With a Penis delves into marriage, adoption, interracial kids, and the dreaded potty time.


@ Fringe Site


Theatre of NOTE opens its doors to all festival participants, guests, and local theatre artists as a place to kick back, relax, network, play and learn. ALL WORKSHOPS AND PANEL DISCUSSIONS ARE PAY WHAT YOU CAN, AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

June 20-23, 2010, 3:00-4-30pm

Monday June 20, 2011 - The Technical Designer's Forum

Whether you are a recent graduate, a tech designer with a dayjob, working with a membership and/or Equity house, or fully employed in your profession - how do you build your resume, learn new technologies, and make the contacts you need to get where you want to go? Share ideas, challenges, eco-friendly approaches, and economic solutions for the designer climbing the ladder. Moderated by Bill Voorhees

Tuesday June 21, 2011– Normalizing Diversity

As a producer, director, writer, designer, or actor who has a mission to use the best team possible on and off stage despite our audience and funders' "comfort level," how do we maneuver through stereotypes based on gender, disability, race, sexuality and age to use the creative teams and cast of our choice? Moderated by Nina Harada

Wednesday June 22, 2011 - Developing Your Next Project

Are you a director, producer, playwright, actor or technical designer? Do you have an idea of a concept that will showcase your work the way you want it to be seen, but don't know what to do next? Discuss this with individual artists and producers that can offer helpful advice and strategies for developing work from conception to production. Moderated by Cydney Rooks

Thursday June 23, 2011 - Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Speak with women who are surpassing our industry's gender generalizations and learn how they do it. What mentality does it take to succeed, what challenges still persist, and how are these women closing the gender gap across theatre disciplines? Moderated by Inger Tudor

Check back for updates
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Monday June 20, 2011
The Technical Designer's Forum

Cricket Myers
John Iacovelli

Stephanie Kerley-Schwartz
Matt Richter
Lyla Forlani
More TBA

Tuesday June 21, 2011
Normalizing Diversity

Anna Khaja
Tom Jacobson
Ann Stocking
(Bio coming soon)
Guillermo Avile-Rodriguez
Adam Davis
Timothy M. Wright
More TBA

Wednesday June 22, 2011
Developing Your Next Project
Anna Khaja
David Elzer

Damaso Rodriguez
Marja-Lewis Ryan
Esther Chae
Jay Alvarez
More TBA

Thursday June 23, 2011
Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Cricket Myers
Diane Rodriguez

Iris Bahr
Jacqueline Wright
More TBA

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Solo performer and two-time Best In Fringe Festival at the New York International Fringe Theater Festival winner Antonio Sacre debuts his newest solo show, “The Next Best Thing,” a blisteringly funny and moving solo performance piece developed with renowned Chicago director Jim Lasko.

Since 1996, Antonio Sacre has created 9 solo performance pieces, performing them to critical and popular acclaim at the New York International Fringe Festival, PS 122 and PS NBC in New York City; the San Francisco Fringe Theater Festival; the HBO Workspace, the Knitting Factory, and Area 51 in Los Angeles; the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Rhinoceros Theater Festival in Chicago, and many other festivals nationwide.

“He is not a character actor nor a comedian but someone with a perpetual story and an extraordinary talent for engaging an audience. Therefore, he is frankly funny, uncompromisingly believable, and above all, kind.” Backstage

“Remarkable…a serious artist.” Village Voice


You remember the battles – now remember the sex. On the fabled White Island, through laughter and tears, three mourners recount their lives with world's greatest hero: Achilles. This funny and touching story uses dance, mask, song, poetry, and martial arts to honor as many of the Muses as it can.


“Steal Away: The Living History of Harriet Tubman” tells the story of one of America's greatest heroines—from her youth as a slave, to her service on the Underground Railroad, to her continuing efforts to help others in need throughout her lifetime. A native of Auburn, New York (where Harriet lived until her death in 1913), playwright Rick Balian's research for the play included dozens of interviews with Harriet's descendents and the curator of the Harriet Tubman home. (Grades K-5)

The New York Times called Steal Away “…a fascinating and poignant production. Although aimed at children, the play is also enlightening for adults.”


Ten West, LA's premier physical comedy duo, invites you to experience INEFFABLE: a clown treatise on life, death, and hayfever.

“These two actors are able to hold the audience rapt with their clever shenanigans and amazing feats of agility; they keep us amused and inspired.” – Hettie Lynn Hurtes, NPR Radio

“All very goofy, giddy, funny and executed with infectious charm.”
– Neal Weaver, L.A. Weekly (Go! Pick)

“Their work is admirably classic in feel, fun yet sinister, always intimidatingly hilarious, and held in the highest of regard by anyone with a sharp wit and the luck to have seen them live.”
– Kevin Chesley, writer on MTVs The Hard Times of RJ Berger

Encore performances by Best of Fringe 2010 TOTALLY -

In this powerful one hour theater piece, Kimleigh Smith takes the audience through a journey that is totally uplifting, totally heartbreaking, and totally powerful.

T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! is the ultimate cheer. It will have you howling in your seats in hysteria and clutching your heart. Kimleigh inspires audiences through her hilarious and honest story to embrace their inner superheroes and find the strength to move forward no matter what. The cheer “That's Okay, That's Allright…get back up and Fight, Fight, Fight!” has an entirely different meaning once you see T-O-T-A-L-L-Y. The audience witnesses the young cheerleader transforming into a powerful woman who reclaims her sexuality and lives as a whole, healthy, woman who cheers for life!

“T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! is one of the most impressive performances I have ever seen and is the only one that has gained my attention so much that I have put many of my own projects on hold to promote it. T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! is a must see! You cannot miss this.” ~ Angela Shelton

Angela Shelton is a mulit-award winning filmmaker and actist. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, 48 Hours Investigates, NPR and Lifetime Television for Women, as well as the cover of the New York Times raising awareness around the issues of child abuse and domestic violence.

@ Fringe Site

(Pay What You Can)

Theatre of NOTE opens its doors to all festival participants, guests, and local theatre artists as a place to kick back, relax, network, play and learn. ALL WORKSHOPS AND PANEL DISCUSSIONS ARE PAY WHAT YOU CAN, AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

June 20-23, 2010, 1:00-2:30pm

Monday June 20, 2011 - Wordspace Writing Hour

Write the Fringe Hour: With all the theatre and conversations, we know you have some new ideas that are itching to travel from your brain down to your pen (or the keyboard…). Each day a W o r d s p a c e instructor will be on hand to run a short workshop, offer writing advice, and collect your contributions (virtual and written) about the fringe. Share your new ideas for work or your reflections on the festival - or experiment with the daily wordspace prompts online or at the café. Don't let the festival go by without sharing your thoughts. Next year's pieces may start here…

Tuesday June 21, 2011– Musical Improv with Aaron and Scott

This crazy fun workshop for actors, singers and improvisors explores the basics of good musical theatre improvisation and demonstrates just how easy it is to elevate your "singprov" to Broadway levels. Whether you're an experienced improvisor or an actor who's always been afraid of improvising songs, Aaron and Scott will provide a safe, fun environment to brush up your skills and learn some of their favorite tricks.

Wednesday June 22, 2011 - The Physicality of Acting with Stephanie Nash

How actors use and/or allow their body to respond to thoughts, feelings and impulses to move – is key to creating great performances.  How does an actor ‘expand their repertoire' to beyond the normal movement possibilities ingrained by daily activities?  How does one find the freedom & spontaneity in the body – to not only express the truth of the moment – but from the perspective of a character who may move differently than the actor naturally does? 

In this short workshop, we'll explore key elements to the Physicality of Acting – how it can reveal – and create – a good performance. How to use the body to ground the actor – and to free the actor.

We will examine & explore many aspects of body language, how subtle movements may have significant impacts, and how much our unconscious movements & behaviors say about us – and impact the characters & situations we are creating.   Stephanie will present techniques she has developed to help ‘hook up the wiring' between the thought and the body (and any movement, however subtle)– to ultimately create more freedom, possibility and ease for the actor – and a more truthful, complex & rich performance.

Thursday June 23, 2011 - ComedySportz

ComedySportz is L.A.'s longest running show for good reason – it's fun, friendly and skillful. Our acclaimed company brings this same approach to ComedySportz University with a focus on skill-building and fun. For actors--We are the premier shortform company in Los Angeles, and the place to study if you are wanting to improve your commercial auditon technique. We also do some amazing longform improv shows and occasionally offer classes in longform as well.

Theatre of NOTE, 1517 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028 Phone Reservations: 323.856.8611