NOTE's newest hit jam, CABEROKE!

Come see what all the hubub is about! Theatre of NOTE has a new event that has been packing the house these last few months. It’s called Caberoke and you need to come on down and check it out!

What is Caberoke? It’s an incredible hybrid cabaret/karaoke party! The first half of the show will be a curated program of songs brought to you by some amazing NOTErs and friends.
The second half will be a free-for-all karaoke party!

This upcoming Caberoke’s theme is Summer Nights and will be raising money to help our next exciting mainstage production, Electric, I by our very own Shayne Eastin.

So show us who you’re hopelessly devoted to and even though it’ll happen so fast, you’ll have you a blast!

Admission: $10 online – $15 at the door
Doors open: 7:30 PM – Show: 8:00 PM


Unfortunately we have had to cancel our July 17th BITS due to unforseen circumstances.


We already have a date for the next BITS!

Start making plans now to come on down to NOTE on August 7th at 7:30 PM to experience some of Los Angeles’s finest storytellers and musicians, all reading and playing 10 minutes (or less) of brand-spanking-new art.

Created by our very own Kirsten Vangsness and featuring past artists such as Tom Lenk, Joel Scher, Tamara Zook, Alex Hogy,
Greenberry Lucas, Stephen Moffitt, Moira Rogers, and Phinny Kiyomura.

Electric, I

We are proud to announce our next Mainstage Production!

A World Premiere Play

Electric, I explores the responsibility of mass media in the face of new technology.  The play is centered around the plight of an artist and a scientist who, undeterred by the barriers of time, unite to outrun the media’s trajectory while hoping to carve out a path illuminated by nature and genuine human connection. In the play we meet characters based on historical figures like Thomas Edison, Mary Pickford and Nikola Tesla—while also asking where the forefathers of a never-ending stream of sensationalized content are taking us in the future.

Written by Shayne Eastin

Opening Fall 2024!!

Young Writers Project 2024

The Young Writers Project was the brainchild of NOTE member Jonathan Klein. In 2001 he organized an outreach program as an opportunity for Theatre of NOTE to work with high school students on developing and producing theatre pieces. Utilizing NOTE writers, we lead workshops in high schools throughout Southern California. We then produce selected pieces, performed and directed by NOTE members and guest artists. Since 2001 we have premiered more than 80 plays, some of which have gone on to win awards at other festivals. We are proud to keep up this tradition and are now in our 23rd year. We look forward to many more.

This year’s YWP performance dates were on May 18, 19, 25, 26 and it was a rousing success. Our congratulations to all of our young artists and we look forward to working with you again next year!

Kill Shelter

WINNER OF FIVE LOS ANGELES DRAMA CRITICS CIRCLE AWARDS! Best Production, Best New Play, Best Direction, Best Lead Actor, Best Puppetry.


Written by Ashley Rose Wellman & Directed by Shaina Rosenthal




Ongoing Live Event


 That’s right, you’ve never seen bits like this before–because no one has!

Come to NOTE and join us to see some of Los Angeles’ finest storytellers and musicians, all reading and playing 10 minutes (or less) of brand-spanking-new art.

Feel the electricity in the air as new music and stories are born!

Created by our very own Kirsten Vangsness and featuring past artists such as Tom Lenk, Joel Scher, Tamara Zook, Alex Hogy, Asha Noel Iyer, Greenberry Lucas, Stephen Moffitt,
LaMarr Randle, and Phinny Kyomura.

This month you have TWO chances to see our Bits!
July 5th and 17th at 7:30 PM!


Young Writers Project

The Young Writers Project is NOTE’s 23-year-old outreach program featuring original work from young LA playwrights. Each year, five writers from five high schools are chosen to participate in a workshop-based writing experiment that culminates in the staged production of five short plays, one play representing each school.

This year’s YWP performance dates were 
May 18, 19, 25, 26 @ 11am.
Tickets are by donation only – both cash and card will be accepted at the door. We hope you join us in supporting these young artists!

Ongoing Live Event


NOTESlam is Theatre of NOTE’s live poetry slam event, where we bring poets from all over Los Angeles to perform and compete while you laugh, cry, snap and imbibe.

Past poets at the Slam include Joseph Bricker, Piper Gourley, Amberlee Clark, Pastiche Queen, Alex Hogy, Nomad the Poet, Edward Moravscik, Jordan Stanley, Nicole Gabriella Scipione, and Tevin Simpson!  

Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting Slam coming soon to the NOTE stage!


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