The Young Writers Project 2023

The Young Writers Project is Theatre of NOTE’s opportunity to work with Los Angeles area high schoolers on developing and producing their own work. Join us this May for five exceptional short plays performing in tandem, with a short talk back with the student writers.

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A World Premiere Play!

Written by Phinneas Kiyomura & Directed by Alina Phelan

Limited Engagement Feb 10 – March 19, 2023

The Ravages

A World Premiere and NOTE’s First-Ever Audio Play!

Written by William Nedved & Directed by Samantha Squeri

Now Streaming

Theatre of NOTE is a democratic ensemble of L.A. theatre artists dedicated to creating high-caliber, original work that challenges both its ensemble and audiences.

Theatre of NOTE aspires to more accurately reflect LA's cultural make-up, to make our work resonate more deeply and honestly with our audiences, and better enable NOTE to tell more culturally diverse stories.




PLaywrights WORKSHOP

Voices of NOTE

Voices of NOTE is Theatre of NOTE’s new workshop series, Voices of NOTE, where we gift writers with 20 hours to develop existing work, create new work, or simply play around with a bunch of game NOTE actors!

Past works include Susan Ferrara’s Frank and Nicole Gabriella Scipione’s I Took a Vow, Hand Over Belly, Cris Eli Blak’s Between Dog and Wolf, and Larry Powell’s REALNESS.

Young Writers Project

The Young Writers Project is NOTE’s 15-year-old outreach program featuring original work from young LA playwrights. Each year, five writers from five high schools are chosen to participate in a workshop-based writing experiment that culminates in the staged production of five short plays, one play representing each school.


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The Marathon – Early Days

Scotty.  My Scotty.  Our Scotty. We moved to LA in 1995 and probably started going to the Marathon the next year, after I became a NOTE member.  The Marathon was our favorite NOTE day of the year. Richie would have been working on this since...

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“I Never Lost The Fear Of Gaining Weight”

By Joe Mahon Nobody stays 147 pounds for 20 years by accident; it’s by design. I don’t remember ever looking in the mirror and thinking I was fat.  I just remember how people began reacting to my body differently than I’d been accustomed to. As a kid, I was...

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Center Theatre Group puts up NOTE's production of For The Love Of (Or, The Roller Derby Play) as part of their Block Party 2019. A roller derby rink. Choreographed roller skating without wheels. An all-female cast, creative, and design team. These are just a few...

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Theatre of NOTE is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.