World PREMIERE Production

Electric, I


Shayne Eastin

Opening: Fall 2024


Electric, I explores the responsibility of mass media in the face of new technology.  The play is centered around the plight of an artist and a scientist who, undeterred by the barriers of time, unite to outrun the media’s trajectory while hoping to carve out a path illuminated by nature and genuine human connection. In the play we meet characters based on historical figures like Thomas Edison, Mary Pickford and Nikola Tesla—while also asking where the forefathers of a never-ending stream of sensationalized content are taking us in the future.

Playwright Shayne Eastin

Shayne Eastin (She/They) is a writer from Los Angeles, California. Their plays include “H7: A Hamlet Study,” “Flirtation Point,” “States,” and “The Domestics.”  Shayne is also a regular contributor to “True Crime Night” at the Three Clubs in Hollywood and has written dozens of short plays that have been performed throughout Los Angeles. In 2021, Shayne performed their critically acclaimed, one-on-one, interactive show “Out There” for over 200 remote participants. Their short play “Trouble for Miles” was turned into an award-winning experimental short film (directed by Jamin Scotti). When not making or studying theatre and films, Shayne enjoys music, fencing and professional baseball.  

Creative & Production Team

Playwright – Shayne Eastin
Producers – Joseph Bricker, Jason Carl, Jennifer Hugus, Greenberry Lucas, Evan Marshall, Moira Rogers



Theatre of NOTE 
1517 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028