Script Submissions

How to Submit Scripts

Thank you for your interest in NOTE!

If you would like your play to be considered for our mainstage season, please submit your full script in .pdf form only to:

Erin Scerbak & Evan Marshall
Literary and Development Co-Chairs, Production Selection Committee (PSC)

Please note that we no longer accept physical submissions. 

We are especially seeking playwrights and stories from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Theatre of NOTE aspires to more accurately reflect LA’s cultural make-up, to make our work resonate more deeply and honestly with our audiences, and better enable NOTE to tell more culturally diverse stories.

Submission Requirements



Thanks so much for submitting, and we look forward to reading your work.

What We Are Looking For

We are actively looking for plays to produce for our next mainstage season that speak to these things:

URGENCY – Why this play, why today? We’ve been through so much these past few years – and are still going through so much – how does the play grapple with these times? Inequality, Climate Change, Technology, Capitalism, Identity, Division, Media – whatever it is, we want pieces that wrestle with – and illuminate – the hardest questions of our time.

DIVERSITY/INCLUSION – We want to build mindful seasons that allow us to lift underrepresented artists and voices and stories – AND/OR that allow us to practice inclusive casting. Whether you yourself identify as such, your story centers such stories, OR if casting allows for (or demands) such inclusion – we want plays that help us represent the real world in a conscious way. Considering race and ethnicity, and also disability, gender, socio-economic status, sexuality, immigration status, age, and more.

BRAVERY/SUBVERSION – NOTE prides itself on a track record of producing plays and playwrights that push boundaries. Whether it’s style, content, production or the writing itself, we’re looking for plays that are daring, off-kilter, zany, provocative, uncomfortable or whimsical in some distinct way.

BRILLIANCE, AND VOICE – We’re looking for writers with their own unique point of views, perspectives, and a distinct, mature voice.



In addition, for possible mainstage productions, NOTE is ideally looking for:

LARGER CASTS – Ideally 6 and up, so we can make more space for more actors!

A CERTAIN SENSE OF HOPE – We’re totally down with dark and intense (bring it on! We love it!!!) but this upcoming season we’re also looking to illuminate those shadows, at least a little bit.

That said, for the RIGHT PLAY, these last two are negotiable, so please use your best judgment to submit the piece you feel is right. And NOTE is ALSO looking for pieces to potentially workshop, or produce staged readings for, that might not necessarily fit on our mainstage quite yet.