Our Most Recent Mainstage Production!!

The AllStore

Written by Evan Marshall
Directed by Maddie Downes
Previews February 23-25
Opens February 29, 2024
Closes April 7, 2024

Petra works at a big-box store to pay for college, day-dreaming of poetry and pining after Andrea, her older cage fighter co-worker. When working conditions deteriorate, Petra attempts to organize the employees against their corrupt management, sparking a confrontation of momentous consequence.


AllStore Cast

Petra – Arianna Evangelia
Andrea (Fri/Sat) – Lillie Silva-Mur
Andrea (Sun/Mon) – Mikah Kavita
Blake/Blair – Joseph Bricker
Melissa – Julie Lanctot
Jules – Mario Eduardo
Dan – Joshua Gill
Rogene – Sarah Lilly
Nathan/Founder – Lynn Odell
Oliver (Mainly Fri/Sat) – Phil Ward
Oliver (Mainly Sun/Mon) – Dan Wingard

AllStore Swing Cast

Petra/Melissa Swing – Andi Star
Andrea Swing – Chloe Madriaga
Blake/Blair Swing – Evan Marshall
Jules/Dan Swing – Henry Cruz

Creative & Production Team

Playwright – Evan Marshall
Director – Maddie Downes

Assistant Director – Christoper Cid
Lead Producer – Roni Paige
Producer – Joseph Bricker
Associate Producers – Christopher Cid, Jack Clevenger, Noah Duncan and Mikah Kavita
Stage Manager – Em Perez

 Set Designer – Colin Lawrence
Sound Designer – Erin Bednarz
Lighting Designer – Matt Richter
Costume Designer –  Shaunte Williams
Graphic Designer – Claire Selinske
Fight Coordinator – Jen Albert
Intimacy Coordinator – Melissa McNamara

A Theatre of NOTE Production

Theatre of NOTE 
1517 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028