Voices of NOTE

Voices of NOTE

Voices of NOTE is Theatre of NOTE’s new workshop series where we gift writers with 20 hours to develop existing work, create new work, or simply play around with a bunch of game NOTE actors! 

Up next: Cris Eli Blak’s Between Dog and Wolf with a virtual public reading on March 22nd at 7 pm PT! Click here to RSVP & join us on Facebook Live.

Past works include Susan Ferrara’s Frank and Nicole Gabriella Scipione’s I Took a Vow, Hand Over Belly.

Past Voices of NOTE


by Cris Eli Blak

High school friends Blake, Patrick, and Mara reunite at a hotel the day before their 10-year reunion. Forever traumatized by the school shooting that took place their junior year, the three try and fail to relive painful memories and heal broken friendships.

Directed by Rondrell McCormick

Featuring Diosiq Burné, Alexis DeLaRosa, and Jenny Soo

Produced by Julie Lanctot

Stage Managed by Samantha Squeri & Julie Lanctot


by Nicole Gabriella Scipione

A Black woman and man have a first conversation over tea set up by their former therapist, where they pull questions from psychologist Arthur Aron’s 36 Questions That Lead to Love and internally battle if answering them honestly is worth the risk. What happens when both people are listening? Is Black love an act of resistance?

Directed by Andi Chapman

Featuring Ahmad Dugas, Michelle Hilyard, and Pamela Shaddock

Produced by Faith Imafidon & Nicole Gabriella Scipione

Stage Managed by Ren Westbury


by Susan Ferrara

With Sinatra’s “My Way” playing on an endless loop, Billie stands in the darkness of her father’s wake waiting to leave and grab a burger, but a box full of letters from the prisoner her father loved has her stumbling toward the light. A dark comedy about grief, family secrets, friendship and forgiveness.

Directed by Kevin Earley

Featuring Doug Burch, Julie Ann Emery, Linda Graves, Christopher Neiman, Susan Louse O’Connor, and Gabby Sanalitro

Produced by Susan Louise O’Connor & Josh Odsess-Rubin

Stage Managed by Samantha Squeri