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New Member Auditions

We accept digital submissions only, so email your headshot, resume and a cover letter to

Your cover letter should include why you wish to be involved in NOTE, any of our shows you have seen in the past and who referred you to the company, if applicable. Please keep the entire contents of the email, including attachments, to around 5MB.

While we review all submissions, we only have a limited number of audition slots available. Priority is given to actors recommended to audition by current company members as well as people familiar with our work.

General Info

Theatre of NOTE holds new member auditions twice a year, but the specific dates vary. To find out when our next membership audition will be held, you can email 

Associate Membership

Theatre of NOTE offers an Associate Membership for writers, directors, and designers.

For more information or to submit your resume and cover letter, email our artistic management committee at

Producing / Directing / Designing

All NOTE casting is done from within the company membership. All the other myriad jobs that go into creating a production such as directing, designing, producing and stage managing can be and often are filled from outside the company. Indeed we welcome such talent, and consider our guest artists to be a crucial part of the ongoing creative vitality of NOTE!

Please email your directing, designing, or producing resume and cover letter to the NOTE Artistic & Management Committee at

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